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CSI is a business collaboration company specializing in Microsoft technologies including O365, exchange/outlook, sharepoint, lync/OCS (office communication server), and internal/external web applications.

CSI provides design, architecture, and implementation/deployment for a full range of collaborative cababilities such as audio/visual conferencing, instant messaging, e-mail, collaborative cloud architecture, web applications, document sharing, white board sharing, and secure online meetings.

These technologies can be in addition, or replacement/enhancement of current infrastructure with seemless integration.

NOT a staff augmentation company, CSI brings 21+ years hands on experience with Microsoft Collaboration Technologies.  A Microsoft Cloud Champion Partner with several enterprise scope implementations, CSI expertise can help all size businesses achieve competitive advantage with these dynamic, robust technology solutions.  Security clearance available where required.

With CSI you get the absolute highest degree of hands on service available in today's marketplace. Productivity and team contribution improves exponentially with our Custom made Collaboration Environments. Your teams will be energized to reach new heights of performance, individual performance will accelerate and people will be happy to come to work. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.
CSI offers complete assessment, design, implementation, training and follow up to ensure your business jumps ahead of your competitors.
True customer satisfaction will be broadbased and consistent.
Take your business to the next level by taking advantage of our free trial period. Contact us today!




Collaboration Solutions, Inc

 Las Vegas, NV